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Abacanto – Abacanto
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The island of Mallorca occupies a privileged place in the Mediterranean,

that has supposed it to be disputed by all the peoples that have moved through this sea. Observingg a variety of cultures that enrich and value the island through the centuries: Phoenician, Greco-Roman, Arab ... and already in the modern age, serving as a geographical bridge between our peninsula and that of Italy, the influence of the latter is felt, not only as a ruler of the stylistic fashions of art--which it has over Europe, but in a special and evident way in the magnificent architecture of Mallorca.

The proportions of the houses of this Island, as the language of its constructive details, make Mallorcan real estate property not comparable in quality and quantity to any other area of ​​Spain.

In Volume XI of the great encyclopedia of Mallorca, "Son Nicolau", the house that occupies us, appears in the mid-17th century as the property of Pere Antoni Nicolau, of the family that takes its name, as well as the reform that a century later that gave it a chapel and a splendid facade to the garden. Inspired, as it has the same composition of two canvases with windows, garrisoning the double central lodge with arcades on the ground and main floor, like the one that has "La Palachina dei Plachere"; which is a pavilion in the gardens of the palace that the Farnese family has in Caprarola, Italy (Renaissance with plant in the shape of a pentagon).

In imitation of Italy, families have here in Mallorca, a house in the city (Casa Pairal) and another one in the countryside, (Possessió) to which the prefix "Son" is added to the name of the surname meaning house with rustic land, (a property), which in this case of "Son Nicolau" also had a wall that closed the garden, joining it to the house. The basic concept of a historic garden "hortus conclusssus" is why a garden has been planted intone of concept and iconographic program with the time of the house. On the island there are obvious memories of the magnificent Italian villas and their gardens in numerous examples and the most significant ones: Raixa, Alfabia, La Granja, Son Moragues, ...

Son Nicolau also appears in the great engraving of four plates that Muntaner made in the 18th century, of Mallorca.

The pleasure of having drinks in Abacanto...

When we proposed the restoration of this magnificent architecture, fascinated by the proportions of the house and the space that surrounds it, we did not avoid efforts, through the almost four years of duration, to try to conserve even the smallest details, and study the most harmonious way, in the design of the new elements, for its rehabilitation as a place of meeting and leisure.
Once recovered, for its consolidation, this exceptional property of "Son Nicolau", for the whole Mallorcan architectural heritage; the task of conditioning the rooms was undertaken, trying to preserve the atmosphere of the house in all its splendor, for its new use of a most Exclusive Cocktail Bar.

Each area has been given a different configuration, such as rooms of this mansion, combining antique furniture and very special fabrics with objects of design and modern use, for greater comfort of the visitor; who seems to be invited to a great party that the owners of the house would give for an exceptional reason, adorning facades and halls with garlands and flowers, and illuminating them with candles, which create a theatrical atmosphere of richness, where we are part of characters of a festive staging and reinforced by classical music.

In the choice and care of all the details, it appears as a very important one: the fruits, which with flowers and handcrafted objects are like live paintings in pictorial compositions perfumed with smells of ripe fruits. Fruits that are liquefied every day, so, with natural juices we make elaborate cocktails, that allow us to enjoy with pleasure, while we walk enjoying the unique art: Paintings, Sculptures, etc ..., and through the garden, between water spouts and with the exuberance that of flowers and fruits gives us "The Mother Earth". Emblem and symbol of our Mediterranean culture: Art and Nature generous.


  • Private celebrations
  • Catering for groups
  • Wedding Events
  • Groups of Incentives
  • Baptisms
  • Communions
  • Conferences
  • Appetizers for groups
  • Buffet / Catering menus


  • Irish coffee
  • Strawberries with cream
  • Strawberries with ice cream
  • Melba Cup
  • Varied ice cream
  • Banana split
  • Smoothies
  • Chocolate sundae
  • Cocktails
  • Champagnes and cavas